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numge programme


T1: Constitutive modelling and numerical implementation

T3: Finite element, discrete element and other numerical methods. coupling of diverse methods

T4: Reliability and probability analysis

T5: Large deformation – large strain analysis

T6: Artificial intelligence and neural networks

T7: Ground flow, thermal and coupled analysis

T9: Earthquake engineering, soil dynamics and soil-structure interaction

T10: Rock mechanics

A1: Application of numerical methods in the context of the eurocodes

A2: Shallow and deep foundations

A3: Slopes and cuts

A4: Supported excavations and retaining walls

A5: Embankments and dams

A6: Tunnels and caverns (and pipelines)

A7: Ground improvement and reinforcement

A8: Offshore geotechnical engineering

A9: Propagation of vibrations and mitigation measures


Keynote Lecture 1 – David Potts - Numerical modelling of coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical problems: challenges and pitfalls

Keynote Lecture 2 – Arézou Modaressi (Farahmand-Razavi) - A global approach for seismic vulnerability evaluation taking into account non-linear soil-structure interaction

Keynote Lecture 3 – José Vieira Lemos - Rock failure analysis with discrete elements

Keynote Lecture 4 – Michael Hicks - Recent developments in the numerical modelling of slope failure

Keynote Lecture 5 – Sebastià Olivella - Modelling multiphase flow and deformation in porous media


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